Monday, March 7

Boot Camp Before & After: Peter D.

When Peter turned 35 years young, he came to a realization: his health had to be a priority. After going through some life changes he had a decision to make - either dwell on the tough times or find the opportunity for change. He took the opportunity and ran full speed ahead into Ultimate Bootcamp workouts on Boston Common.

Over 17 weeks and several boot camp classes later, Peter is a new man (and a UBC Junkie who continues to motivate others during early morning boot camp workouts).  He credits Ultimate Bootcamp for giving him the kick in the pants needed to re-vamp his entire lifestyle. Here's a snippet of a recent conversation with him:

Out of all the fitness options out there, why did you choose Ultimate Bootcamp?
I have done the gym, had a personal trainer but always felt like something wasn't there - the motivation!! I had a roommate a few years back that did the Boston Common boot camp, so based on her recommendation and also the location, I chose Ultimate Bootcamp - it provided me the motivation!

What was the most surprising thing about the workouts?
The most surprising thing about the classes is that I wanted to keep going back - and haven't stopped!!  Also, I forgot that I was competitive - but now I want to do the best and strive for it!  It's nice to have that back in my life.
 Have the boot camp workouts changed your lifestyle at all?
100% - My diet has changed, my confidence has increased, and my love for self has also returned.  I credit the work in Ultimate Bootcamp for a feeling of balance in my life!

After: Dropped one waist size and 10 pounds

Congratulations Peter on all your success!

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