Monday, May 16

Ultimate Bootcamp Diet - Introduction

What, how much and when should I be eating when doing fitness bootcamp workouts? In this blog series labeled Ultimate Bootcamp Diet, we'll be inviting our Fitness Trainers, local nutritionists and other health experts to weigh in to help create the best diet for you.


Fueling your vehicle is straightforward. Isn't it? You simply read the instruction manual, drive into a gas station and put the appropriate fuel in the fuel tank.

There is a gauge that tells you when you're nearing "empty". The fuel pump automatically shuts off when filling up your tank at the station. In new vehicles, you're even guided on ways to drive to optimize your fuel economy performance. It would be simple if fueling your body was as simple as filling up your vehicle's gas tank.

Some "hard core" fitness enthusiasts I know have convinced themselves that their body is simply a machine. Fill it with the right fuel, and it's performance will be optimized. Once performance is optimized, a lean sexy body emerges.

If it's as simple as pumping the right amount of fuel into our "tanks", why aren't we all happy with our bodies? All we have to do is follow a healthy diet plan, get plenty of sleep and be active. Simple. Right, world?

The only simple fact about our bodies is that they are complicated machines. We have sad, happy and lonely emotions that trigger eating patterns. We have senses of sight and smell that beg us to stop at the bakery. We have sociological factors that tell us how to eat when amongst company. We have genetic dispositions that make us more or less susceptible to hunger. We have hormonal and many other physiological factors that fluctuate throughout life. We have past histories with food and diets that effect how we eat today. We metabolize food at different rates. We have different likes and tastes. We have different culture and lifestyles. We are complicated machines and we all have different nutritional requirements.

In this blog series labeled Ultimate Bootcamp Diet, we'll be sharing with you easy diet tips, investigating certain foods that can improve your performance, calculating how many calories you should be eating, how to go about safe weight loss and proposing diet challenges that can help you learn new, healthy eating patterns and habits.

If you have a specific question about your boot camp diet, please email us with your question. It could be featured in our next Ultimate Bootcamp Diet blog post.

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