Monday, March 26

On Tap for Today Goes to Bootcamp

This session, we've invited a Boston blogger, Elizabeth from On Tap for Today, to attend Ultimate Bootcamp as a way to change up her routine and help increase her running speed. Elizabeth will be blogging about her Ultimate Bootcamp experience, and we'll be posting her entries here as well. Check out her blog and follow along!

I’m not joining the Army; I don’t fancy they would want me and my peace moccasins.  I am going to Ultimate Bootcamp, though.  And I am quite excited.  Kristen, who does PR for Ultimate Bootcamp, reached out to me earlier this year and connected me with Peter Lavelle, one of the program’s co-founders.  We met this morning at Boston Common, just as the rain stopped, to get some base-line measurements before my session starts next week.
After taking me through a warm-up and some dynamic stretching, Peter had me run between two lamp posts (nearly 50 yards apart) for two minutes.  People strolling in the park weren’t sure what to make of the situation, but they stayed out of my way, which was greatly appreciated.  Following the sprints, I held a plank (which, had I am been staring at the clock per usual, I am certain I could have held for longer), and completed as many push-ups and squats as possible during a one or two-minute period.  I’ll add in Sunday’s 5k time, as well as my current weight, BMI and body fat percentage, as additional benchmarks.
If this morning’s testing was any indication, I am going to love bootcamp.  I imagine it will be quite challenging, but I know I will be good hands with the trainers.  Peter was really encouraging, and clearly knows his stuff.  I am looking forward to getting stronger, faster, and smarter with regards to training, and will be sure to share my experiences over the course of the four weeks.  Did I mention I am taking the early morning class?  I will become a morning person yet.  Hopefully.  We’ll see.
Interested in giving it a go? There’s a Groupon for Ultimate Bootcamp (local to Boston) available today.
Disclaimer:  I was invited to take a four week session of Ultimate Bootcamp classes at no cost.  You can expect my honest assessment.  The good, the bad, and the ugly (i.e. my attitude at the crack of dawn).
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Have you taken bootcamp classes before?  What’s your favorite way to stay motivated?
NOTE: This post was originally posted at On Tap for Today and has been reposted here with permission.
Elizabeth writes at On Tap for Today, a Boston-based lifestyle blog featuring inspiration for fun, healthy and full living.  She is a non-profit executive, a two-time marathoner, and an avid Boston sports fan.  You can follow Elizabeth's adventures at Ultimate Bootcamp on her blog, or on Twitter.

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