Monday, October 1

One Workout Move That Does It All

We don't always have time for long workouts, so we get the question all the time here at Ultimate Bootcamp: what's the biggest bang for my workout buck? We're all about multi-tasking, and many of you have seen the bumper stickers around town by now: I <3 Burpees! Burpees are a tough, total body move that incorporate cardio and strength conditioning.

But how do you do a burpee? Check out this quick video from Ultimate Bootcamp co-founder Jill Tomich that gives you instructions on doing a burpee for both low-impact and high-impact options.

If you like what you see, you'll be happy to know our trainers LOVE burpees! The October sessions of Ultimate Bootcamp in Greater Boston and Providence start next week on October 9th, so join us and check out some of the other total body conditioning moves we have in store!

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