Thursday, December 27

No More Couch Potato - Alison's Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story

I was so out of shape, that I could barely walk and talk on my cell phone at the same time. “He boo! (wheeze) What’s up? (wheeze)” I knew I needed to do something serious to change that. 

Me Before - Busting out of my coat on Europe Trip
Now excited to get dressed up now that my clothes fit better!

I signed up for my first bootcamp in April and even though I was scared to go, I am so glad I did. I was last in everything, but I finished and I felt like there was light on the horizon. I have now completed 2 bootcamps and I know I will do more. The fear is gone and now I look forward to pushing myself. I’ve also lost 7 lb which isn’t too shabby for this former couch potato. 

Dump the fear and go for it!

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