Thursday, April 3

Boston Runners, Are Traditional Marathon Training Techniques Obsolete?

by Jill Tomich
Ultimate Bootcamp Founder
Certified Health Coach & Mind Body Specialist

The 118th Boston Marathon is just around the corner. Whether you're an avid runner or recreational one, you know half the training battle is getting to the start line injury-free.

The most common injuries runners develop are caused by too many hours on the pavement and not enough hours cross-training. The best runners in the world cross-train. They know just how crucial a well-balanced body is for pain-free running and longevity in the sport.

In his mid-forties, Ultimate Bootcamp Cambridge participant Ed took a new approach to his recent marathon training.

Ultimate Bootcamp Cambridge participant Ed
"I did long runs on weekends, bootcamp Monday-Thursday for 3 months.  Much less wear and tear on my knees by reducing total training miles.  Much better stamina and muscle strength that allowed me to blow through the wall I ran into last year at mile 18."

With this new cross-training approach to his marathon training, Ed knocked 40 minutes off his marathon time!

Why should runners cross-train?

Matt Fitzgerald, running coach and author of "Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance" states there are 5 main benefits of cross-training for runners.
  1. Fewer injuries
  2. Faster rehabilitation
  3. Greater Aerobic Fitness
  4. More Power
  5. Greater Efficiency

Whether you're chasing a new PR or simply hope to make it through 2014 injury-free, Ultimate Bootcamp workouts can help you cross-train your way to balanced muscles, increased speed and reduce the wear and tear of traditional long-distance training programs.

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