Monday, August 9

Article from the Boston Herald: "Meet the Spartans"

On Saturday, August 28th, Team Ultimate Bootcamp will be participating in a crazy 5k obstacle course called the Spartan Race.  In order to prepare for the mud crawling, fire jumping race, we held an outrageous Spartan-Themed Saturday Morning Bootcamp Blast...complete with a Spartan war cry ARROU!


5K race adds obstacles into the mix

By Tenley Woodman
Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mud? No problem.
Barbed wire? What’s the harm?
Fire?Um, what?

Boston, get ready for Spartan Race, a 5K outfitted with 12 obstacles that puts “survival of the fittest” to the test.  “The race takes the boundaries of comfort beyond the average road race,” said Mike Morris, organizer of the Boston race.

“People get fired up for it.”... Read More

Photo by Patrick Whittemore

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