Wednesday, August 11

Wicked Local Watertown Tab Article: "At Watertown's Arsenal Park, Spartan's Prepare for Glory"

On July 31, 2010, Ultimate Bootcamp hosted a training workout to prepare folks throughout New England for the Boston Spartan Race - a crazy 5k obstacle course - which is held in Amesbury at the end of the month. Sweaty faces, drenched shirts, alternative workout drills and tasty beverages by our friends at Owater were all part of the days excitement. The Watertown Tab was there to catch all the action.

At Watertown's Arsenal Park, Spartan's Prepare for Glory
By Jeremy C. Fox, staff writer
Wicked Local Watertown
Posted Aug 07, 2010

Participants gathered to prepare for the Spartan Race Boston, a 5-kilometer obstacle race that will take place in Amesbury on Aug. 28. The race is far from a traditional 5K run, incorporating tests of...Read More

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