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On Tap for Today Goes to Bootcamp: Post 6

This session, we've invited a Boston blogger, Elizabeth from On Tap for Today, to attend Ultimate Bootcamp as a way to change up her routine and help increase her running speed. Elizabeth will be blogging about her Ultimate Bootcamp experience, and we'll be posting her entries here as well. Check out her blog and follow along!

I wish Mother Earth would decide which season she fancies and just stick with it.  In the past two weeks, we’ve experienced spring, summer and winter.  Some days I’ve battled allergies, others I’ve worried about getting a sunburn.  On Monday morning, my cheeks (both sets) nearly froze off.  I am all for variety, but this erratic weather’s getting old.  Sort of like me.
Before starting bootcamp, I never realized how little time I actually spend outside.  For all I know, this weather pattern may be completely normal.  Likely, it’s nothing to complain about (like most things I complain about).  On the average day, I’m outside with Clark for three walks, each lasting ten minutes or just long for him to do something naughty (ex. uproot six newly-blooming daffodils).  Whichever comes first.  I might make a run to the bank or post office during the day, or rush to the curb minutes before my car is ticketed.  Otherwise, I’m chained to my desk.  Which is very much indoors.  On a semi-related note, I just got the results of my blood work back from my doctor.  Apparently I am vitamin D deficient.
Are these mornings outdoors helping to put me more in touch with nature?  Perhaps.  If you’ve ever been camping with me, though, you know I prefer to keep a comfortable distance.  I don’t really know where I was going with any of this.  Let’s just talk about the workouts.  We spent Monday at the track and field at Saunders Stadium.  Having underdressed and then overdressed last week, I went back to underdressing and was freezing.  As mentioned above.  The running helped a bit, but as soon as we slowed down, I was shivering again.  I’m three paragraphs in to this post, and it’s becoming largely evident that I am wimp.
Monday’s workout included:
  • Lots of dynamic stretching, plyometrics and mobility work
  • 4 x 400 meters on the track
  • 3 x Suicide runs to/from the 50 yard line (sprint forward, back pedal to the goal line)
  • 3 x Bear crawls 10 yards forward/back
  • Squats (jump, tuck, wide stance, regular)
  • Shoulder raises with a resistance tube
  • Shoulder presses with a resistance tube
I channeled my inner Ochocinco, and imagined myself running plays on the field.  And actually, like, doing them right.  (No offense, Chad.)  I secretly always liked running suicides at soccer practice in high school.  If that makes you stop liking me, I would understand.  There are so many different running drills you can tackle (baahaha) on the football field, though.  Here’s the breakdown for one of Monday’s drills.
Another favorite of mine involves sprinting the diagonal, from one corner of the end zone to the opposite, and then slowly jogging to the nearest corner before sprinting again.  This feels especially good barefoot, on a natural grass field (that is to say, not turf).  During warmer weather, obviously.  Switching
 gears a bit, today’s workout took place on the basketball courts behind the McDonough Field House and focused on legs.  I will be foam rollin’ with the homeys tonight, for sure.
Today’s workout included:
  • .25 mile warm-up on the track
  • Many, many squat thrusts
  • Suicide runs on the basketball courts
  • Squats
  • Jumping jacks
  • Wall sit with a resistance band
  • Lunges (static, walking, using a resistance band)
  • Leg throw-downs
Though I am a bit shy when it comes to picking partners, knowing that someone else is waiting for me to finish a suicide run or 25 push-ups provides tremendous motivation.  I don’t want to leave that person hanging (or, in plank position).  Being accountable to the group has definitely helped me to stick with these early morning workouts.  That, and the opportunity to pretend I’m a New England Patriot for fifteen minutes.
Elizabeth writes at On Tap for Today, a Boston-based lifestyle blog featuring inspiration for fun, healthy and full living.  She is a non-profit executive, a two-time marathoner, and an avid Boston sports fan.  You can follow Elizabeth's adventures at Ultimate Bootcamp on her blog, or on Twitter.

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