Friday, October 26

Winter Workouts: Indoor Sessions, X Blast Classes & Our Winter Workout Pass!

The temperature's dropping and the heavy sweaters are coming out. Halloween candy is filling the bowls at the office, and it'll soon be followed by holiday treats, desserts and decadent parties. Life gets busy, and workouts fall by the wayside. This is the time of year when many of us acknowledge that we'll just gain weight and deal with it in the New Year, but at Ultimate Bootcamp, we've put together a whole slew of options to help you keep up your fitness through the holiday season and into 2013. Check out the latest news on bootcamp!

Indoor Workouts
We're moving some of our locations indoors earlier than ever this year! If you love working out with bootcamp but tend to hibernate when the temps drop, consider joining us beginning on November 5th for indoor workouts at the Cambridge YMCA, Framingham State Athletic Center or Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown. If you love a brisk fall morning, we're still outdoors at our other locations!

X Blast Sessions
If you're into efficiency and getting ahead of your holiday party calories, our 10-day X-Blast sessions in December are a must. We only offer this program a few times a year. It's two weeks, five days a week, for advanced beginner to advanced intermediate bootcampers. Designed to bust you out of a plateau and enhance your current fitness capabilities, X-Blast is a great way to end your year feeling great and looking fit for the holidays.

Winter Workout Pass
We're offering up a five-session deal that'll get you through the winter with our Winter Workout Pass. For $156 per month, you'll be enrolled in Ultimate Bootcamp sessions from November 5th through April 11th. Checking in with the Winter Workout Pass commits you to a season of fitness when many others abandon it and gets you a discount that brings the personalized attention of Ultimate Bootcamp down to the cost of a high-end gym.

So join us this winter to stay in shape, have a great time, and LOSE instead of gaining this holiday season!

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