Thursday, October 25

You Know You're an Ultimate Bootcamper When...

by Brittney St. Germain
Arlington and Watertown Bootcamp Coach 
I Am an Ultimate Bootcamper

You know you're an Ultimate Bootcamper when...
- "Ugh, that's way too late" is your response to the 6:30AM workout invite.

- You track the weather forecasts from 4-7AM in hourly increments every week night at 9pm.

- Every park you encounter you assess it's terrain and accommodations for step-ups and triceps dips.

- Waking up at 7AM on a Saturday IS sleeping in.

- Your feelings about burpees have turned from hate/hate to LOVE!/hate.

- You know what an 8-count Body Builder is.

- You've got layering clothes down to a science.

- You know exactly what it feels like to lay flat on the ground, soaking wet, looking up into the sky, rain hitting your face while you bang out those crunches.

- That feeling doesn't keep you from showing up the next day, and the next.

- The only t-shirt you have anymore is an Ultimate Bootcamp t-shirt.

What makes you an Ultimate Bootcamper?

Let the world know!

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  1. you wake up on the middle of the night with an Irish inflected voice whispering in your dreams: "mentally strong and physically fit."