Sunday, December 30

Dropped a Dress Size - Alicia's Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story

 Reached My Goal to Fit in a Smaller Size Dress

After working out everyday, (spinning, gym boot camp classes, Brazilian Butt Lift, Zumba), and adding a new relationship into the mix (you know that always out to dinner stage), I could not get my body into the shape I wanted it to be. I officially hit a plateau. We both decided to try Ultimate Boot Camp.

I never thought I could be that person to get up at 5:30am to work out, especially in the sand with Kim. After 1 week of UBC I was hooked and I can’t stop. I feel stronger all around, my clothes fit better, and I actually feel that my body is changing, not to mention you can call me a “morning person” now.

Being a part of UBC makes you feel like you can achieve anything, maybe running that marathon isn’t just a dream after all!

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