Thursday, December 6

Needed Motivation - Alison's Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story

I always had a rule in college that I could either be doing schoolwork or working out. This rule kept me in pretty decent shape, but once I graduated, I had no pressure to work out anymore.

In the year I had been out of school, I’ve gained enough weight to outgrow all of my pants. I was pretty unhappy about the state of my body, but still couldn’t motivate myself to work out. I have never been a fan of group fitness classes, but my boyfriend loves boot camp classes and convinced me to just try it out. 

Sweaty & sandy after Carson Beach Boot Camp

Well I tried it out and I am addicted, I really love Ultimate Bootcamp. Never have I worked out as hard as I do at boot camp. The group dynamic and the instructors really get me to push myself so much more than I ever would when working out by myself. After a session and a half, most of my pants are fitting again and after every class I feel fitter, stronger and faster.

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