Wednesday, February 20

Win a Signed Copy of Jillian Michaels 'Slim for Life'!

Workout guru and Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels recently released a new book, Slim for Life: My Insider Secrets to Simple, Fast & Lasting Weight Loss. Today, Jillian is sharing some of her secrets with Ultimate Bootcamp and as part of our #UBCLove campaign, we'll be giving away a SIGNED copy of Slim for Life to one of our lucky Facebook followers next week, courtesy of our buddies at popchips! (And they're throwing in a couple of their new snacks to help you snack better too--a case of popchips kettlecorn and a case of popchips tortilla. Yum!)

Want to win? We'll be letting you in on how on our Facebook page next week, so head on over and "Like" us there. For now, check out Jillian's quick tips for weight loss:

1) Do two daily 100s a day: A daily 100 is 100 seconds or 100 reps of any exercise, like jumping jacks or the plank. In the middle of your work day, stop what you're doing and do a 100 and you will up your metabolism, burn calories, and keep you in a fit state of mind.

2) Spare the guilt, not the pleasure:  Everyone says that eating well doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your favorite foods. It’s all about finding the right alternatives. If you’re a snack fanatic try new tortilla popchips. Available in four naturally delicious flavors (nacho, salsa, chili limon, and ranch) and with only 120 calories per single serving bag, tortilla popchips are a healthier way to satisfy your salty, crunchy snack cravings.  

3) Go to bed (just slightly) hungry: Now, i'm not saying to go to bed starving! Just a little hungry!  If you are a tad overweight, your body is used to consuming a specific amount of calories to support your current state of weight. If you cut your calorie count by even just 300 calories, you will likely feel it at first. It takes a few days for your body to readjust to the new norm. The idea is not to go to bed starving, but to keep your body’s goal weight at one that is healthy.

4) Eat off of a smaller plate: Instead of a big "dinner” plate, serve up your meal on a smaller "salad” plate. It’s probably the easiest way to trick your brain into thinking that you are consuming lots of food, while really eating only a little... or at least less.

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