Thursday, May 2

Ultimate Bootcamp Stair Workout

What a beautiful Boston weather weekend we have in store!  Get outside and enjoy a stair workout in your neighborhood. Check out this stair workout video from Ultimate Bootcamp Founders Peter Lavelle and Jill Tomich for ideas.

Ultimate Bootcamp Stair Workout

Warm-up 6-8 minutes.

30 Alternating Leg Step-Ups
30 Alternating Leg Step-Ups with a knee lift
10x Run Up/Down one stair at a time
Active Recovery: 60 Second leg extension
10x Run Up/Down one stair at a time (knees high or skips if you want to increase intensity)
Active Recovery: 60 second tricep dips (increase intensity by lifting one leg off the ground)

Repeat this set 2-6 times for an awesome stair workout!


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