Wednesday, April 23

Jamaica Plain Fitness Brings Fat Loss Outside the Gym

It's 5:40am on the outskirts of Jamaica Pond. 

Ultimate Bootcamp Founder Jill Tomich gives the first instructions of the morning to a sleepy-eyed group of Jamaica Plain and Brookline residents.

"We're going to get a great Upper Body and Core workout today.  But first, let's warm-up.  Jog it up to the softball fields.  Get in groups of 3. Say hello, introduce yourself..."

While the very idea of boot camp workouts is enough to scare away the timid, Tomich says the reason why so many Ultimate Bootcamp participants return month after month is the group camaraderie.

"There are a lot of awful personal trainers who think a boot camp class is just barking orders as loud as possible.  But let's get real, participants don't care how obnoxious an instructor can be.  People care that they get results. Plus, I know their names and how to create a positive team atmosphere. It's like Cheers...sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name."

Ultimate Bootcamp workouts around Jamaica Pond begin every 4 weeks. Check out the morning and evening schedule.

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