Monday, April 7

What is the Safest & Best Sunscreen?

by Jill Tomich
Ultimate Bootcamp Founder
Certified Health Coach and Mind Body Specialist

Outdoor workouts are finally here!

While the warm sunshine is a welcomed change, it also means we need to think about sun protection.  But with controversy spreading over chemical compounds in sunscreen, which sunscreen is the safest for your outdoor workout?

best sunscreen

According to the European Commission, half of the U.S. sunscreens that meet the FDA regulations would not make it to store shelves in Europe, where, since 2006, sunscreen manufacturers have voluntarily complied with stricter European Union standards.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a U.S. based research and advocacy organization that, among other things, tests the safety of cleaning products, food and cosmetics, including sunscreens.

They recommend zinc oxide sunscreens are their first choice for sun protection.

You might remember zinc oxide as the goopy white sunscreen lifeguards use to protect their nose from sun damage.

Lucky for us there are now transparent zinc oxide sunscreens that are more fashionably fit to wear to an outdoor boot camp workout or while enjoying an outdoor patio lunch on Newbury Street.

You can find a complete list of EWG-approved sunscreens on their web site.

Here are three of my favorite zinc oxide sunscreens:

Badger Sunscreen

They have everything from baby sunscreen to sport sunscreen.  I prefer the the baby sunscreen over the sport sunscreen which I find to be a bit sticky.  I make sure to re-apply the baby sunscreen after splashing in the water or after a sweat-drenching outdoor workout.  I also love that Badger Sunscreen is biodegradable and safe for when I'm snorkeling around coral reefs.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen

After mistakenly leaving my sunscreen at home last summer, a friend of mine let me use her Blue Lizard sunscreen.  The sensitive skin formula was fragrance-free which made the beach to bar transition a cinch.  Blue Lizard also has sunscreen specifically for face, sport and baby.

EltaMD UV Face Sunscreen

I workout not only to feel good, but to look good. So of course I do what I can to make sure my skin stays just as tight as my body!  Not only can the sun cause damage, but so can the chemicals in some cosmetics.  So everyday, no matter if I wear make-up or not, I apply the safest sunscreen to my face.  My esthetician introduced me to the EltaMD line of skin care and I love the lightweight formula.

Do you have a favorite safe sunscreen to share? LMK!

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