Wednesday, August 31

Boston Company's Workout Pledge Helps Military Wife

Supports the Michelle Obama-led White House Initiative ‘Joining Forces’

Kristen Cohen, wife of specialist Benjamin Cohen of the 1-182nd Infantry Regiment, is without her husband for the next year while he is deployed overseas. Instead of letting the worry of her husband’s well-being affect her health, Kristen met the stressful times with a healthy promise to herself:  stay in shape and meet new people by joining a workout group.  

Enter Ultimate Bootcamp, a Boston-based outdoor fitness company renowned for their challenging, yet personable Fitness Trainers.  Earlier this year, inspired by the White House initiative Joining Forces, Ultimate Bootcamp pledged 500 hours of free fitness classes to Massachusetts military families and Reservists.  When Kristen learned about the pledge, she jumped at the opportunity and enrolled in a  free 4-week long Ultimate Bootcamp fitness program.

Kristen and Ben Cohen
From 6:30-7:30pm, 3 days per week, Kristen found new strengths as her Bootcamp instructors cheered her on through group relay races, stair runs and muscle toning exercises using the great outdoors as the gym.

“I joined Ultimate Bootcamp to meet some new people since I am alone for one year. Having a group to workout with motivates you to push yourself hard since people are going through the same pain.  I loved it so much I joined for another 4 week session!” Kristen says smiling.

Joining Forces was created by First Lady Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to provide a grassroots pathway for Americans to support the efforts of the National Guard, Reservists and their immediate family members.  For Ultimate Bootcamp Co-Founders Jill Tomich and Peter Lavelle, Joining Forces made giving back to their community simple.

“It’s fantastic to see people like Kristen out there with us, benefitting from such an easy yet healthy initiative” says  Lavelle. “Any opportunity to help military families is a great opportunity; seeing the actual physical gains of these individuals is even more satisfying!”

Lavelle also commented on how Kristen is able to use Ultimate Bootcamp to connect with her husband as he, too, works out daily with his buddies on base. “Once my husband gets back we will do a summer boot camp session together next year!” she quipped.

Opportunities are still available to take advantage of Ultimate Bootcamp’s 500 hour workout pledge. Those interested in participating in a 4-week Ultimate Bootcamp fitness program free of charge can find out if they’re qualified by logging on to

About Ultimate Bootcamp
Founded in 2004 by Boston fitness experts Jill Tomich and Peter Lavelle, Ultimate Bootcamp has grown to become the largest provider of outdoor fitness programs in Eastern Massachusetts. 11 locations throughout Greater Boston and Metro West have housed over 6,000 bootcampers who tone muscles, run obstacle courses and push their physical limits in Ultimate Bootcamp’s 4-week, results-driven workout programs.  Ultimate Bootcamp continues to set industry standards by hiring positive, encouraging fitness trainers who can make a participant's belly ache with laughter, not just sit-ups…hence their motto: Ultimate Fitness. Ultimate Fun.

About Joining Forces
With the backing of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, and in the spirit of Let’s Move!, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden are spearheading the Joining Forces campaign and recently wrapped up a cross-country tour to meet with communities, businesses and organizations that are supporting the nation’s military families. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is facilitating the connection of military families to fitness providers.  They’ve set a goal of inspiring fitness professionals throughout the nation to donate a total of 1 million hours of fitness services to Joining Forces.


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