Monday, October 3

Charlestown Yoga Discount

$65 for 10 Yoga Classes for Ultimate Bootcampers (a $130 value) A 50% Savings!
30 Days Only Until October 30th!

Charlestown Yoga's expert instructors train bodies to bend, balance, and breathe in classes spanning a diverse range of yoga styles for every age and experience level. All teachers are chosen for their expertise and spirit, ensuring that they have a wealth of training and technique as well as an approachable demeanor. Classes meet on either the outdoor deck or in a spacious studio and cover styles varying from Beginner Yoga and Gentle Yoga classes to vigorous Vinyasa Flow classes, and Power Yoga, fusing postures with breathing, and dynamic movement for a heart-pumping fitness session.

Classes take place during many hours of the day, allowing early risers, lunch-hour limberers, and stressed-out vampires alike to find a class time that suits their schedule.

What you need to bring:
An Ultimate Bootcamp receipt. Print one now from your Ultimate Bootcamp account dashboard. Login

*Offer good until Oct. 30, 2011. 1 per person. Offer expires 2 months after first use.

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