Wednesday, December 28

Ski and Snowboard Workout: Balance & Stability (Video)

Ultimate Bootcamp Co-Founders Jill Tomich and Peter Lavelle shows skiers and snowboarders how to increase their stability and balance out there on the slopes. 

The first day of the season on the slopes can be brutal.  Creaky joints.  Sore muscles.  5 year old kids bombing down the hill faster than you.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  Ultimate Bootcamp can help you get prepared for the New England Ski Season.

Ultimate Bootcamp is pumped to be doing a live Ski and Snowboard Clinic this year in Boston. (See website for dates and details.)  You can join our Trainers for an awesome outdoor workout and learn a TON of new exercises.  Plus, you'll learn how to avoid some of the BIGGEST mistakes skiers and boarders make that lead to injury.

Get a sneak peek of the clinic here, in this Ski and Snowboard Balance and Stability Video

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